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United States Health Foundation is proud to announce our newest program: Certified Health Coach. This class is open to anyone who wishes to become a certified health coach and help clients reach their personal health goals. This class is offered to licensed health care professionals, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, human resource personnel, and wellness professionals with a desire to teach others how to decrease chronic disease risks and achieve optimal health and wellness.

What Is Your Definition Of Healthy?

Healthy can mean different things to different people. You don't have to be a competitive bicyclist or a marathon runner to be healthy or to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is comprised of many elements, including:

  • Healthy Eating - Eating a well balanced diet of foods low in saturated fats, moderate in carbohydrates, and sufficient in protein is a good start. A dietician or nutritionist can help you design a diet plan that's right for you.

  • Physical activity - Regular physical activity consisting of both cardiovascular training and strength training are essential for your physical health. There are many different recommendations for how much exercise you need. A qualified exercise physiologist or nationally accredited personal trainer can help you design the activity program that is right for you based on your fitness goals.

  • Rest - The body needs rest to recover from the daily rigors of work, exercise, and other stressors. Adequate sleep is important for the mind and body to recover and replenish its energy. The typical person needs 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

  • Proper Hydration - Since the body is comprised of approximately 70% water, it is important to drink enough water each day to replenish the body. We lose water every day through perspiration, elimination of waste, and breathing. The amount of water you need depends on your body weight, frequency and intensity of exercise, climate you live in, and physiological factors of your body.

  • Balance - As with most things, moderation is the key to good balance in life. The best strategy is to make time for all the elements of a healty lifestyle in your daily routine. This will keep the stress levels low, which will help with blood pressure, metabolic functions, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Medical CoursesProvided

  • Health Coaching $199


    The health coach is the link between traditional medicine and a healthy lifestyle. The health coach guides clients in healthy lifestyle changes and life habits including physical, nutritional, stress, and disease.

    Health Coaching $99

    Cert. Exam

    The certification exam is only for those who have completed the required home study and classroom portions of the Certified Health Coach program.

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    The Health Coach course provides the framework for the health care practitioner to learn the process of health coaching as an adjunct to their practice in health care.